How will soccer be in 2022?

The World Cup has already been launched for a few days in Qatar, but we can't leave out the efforts made by clubs in countries that are not in the map of this World Cup, but also organize tournaments.

The opinions of the youth of soccer

In the days when soccer was just a TV show for a few people, we can say that soccer was considered a volatile sport. But since the whole world became interested in the sport, it has become a whole for that person. The strategy, forty years later, with a different content and with a different audience, works. We talked about soccer and young people, and how to hold them for 90 minutes in front of a screen. Kids don't have the patience to spend an hour and a half watching a game. Soccer has entered the digital market, but it has done so with the usual protocols and rigidity: an announcer telling what's going on. That bores a 20-year-old, and there's no way it can compete with alternatives like YouTube or Fortnite, which have simple, direct language.

And young people like soccer in all its textures

All you have to do is see who will support the team when they leave the bus or arrive on the field. Mostly young people. Many have been members since they were 4 or 5 years old and fill the bleachers at the fields. Young people continue to have the same interest in soccer as they did forty years ago. The difference is that it is no longer a generalized interest, but a focused interest. They will still watch the games of the big teams. From fourth place in the League and below, the middle class, well, it's not like it used to be. Young people don't have that "need" to watch the Sevilla game, for example.
So maybe we should narrow the field: young people don't watch soccer in general, even if they remain faithful to the big events.